Thursday, 27 June 2013

Virtual Box – Shared Folders in Oracle Enterprise Linux as a guest OS and Windows as Host

 It should be work with most Linux environments, but for our case is tested on Oracle Enterprise Linux.
I was trying to install a Oracle Database in a VBOX with OEL Linux as a guest and then I realized that the external disk are no detected automatically.
Then after some research I found what we have to do. The steps below are what I did to enable it.
Pre-requisite -- VBOX Additional Guest Tool must be installed
1. In VirtualBox Add the disk/Folder to be shared. Devices → Shared Folders

lsmod   vboxvfs must be loaded in memory(see below image). If not, please verify that Guest additions were installed on the Operating System Guest. If so, please load the vboxvfs.

[root@db12c d_soft]# /sbin/modprobe vboxvfs

Job done !

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