Thursday, 27 June 2013


In the past, one would use the PCTVERSION storage parameter for their LOB segments to reserve a percentage of storage space for read consistency of LOB segments. In Oracle 11g, you can now use the RETENTION parameter. The RETENTION parameter will use the UNDO_RETENTION parameter for determining how long to keep LOB data for read-consistency purposes. But be advised that it does not use the Undo tablespace! The LOB segment’s tablespace is used for read-consistency purposes.
When you change the UNDO_RETENTION parameter, the LOB segment’s retention value is not modified. If you query the RETENTION column of the DBA_LOBS view, you will notice the old UNDO_RETENTION value still remains after you have modified the UNDO_RETENTION parameter. To change the LOB segment’s RETENTION value to match the new UNDO_RETENTION value, do the following:

ALTER TABLE my_table MODIFY LOB (lob_column) (PCTVERSION 20);
ALTER TABLE my_table MODIFY LOB (lob_column) (RETENTION);
By momentarily changing the LOB to use PCTVERSION and then back to RETENTION, the new value of UNDO_RETENTION will be used. You need to do this for all LOB segments that you intend to modify.

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