Monday, 19 November 2012

Oracle Grid Infra and Oracle RDBMS Download location


 I regularly discuss about oracle databases at OTN discussion form. During discussion,i observed that most of oracle ppl dont know from 11gR2 each patchset is now full release. For e.g if you want your database to be then you dont need to first install and then apply patchset on top of it.

But is directly downloadable from eDelivery site and from OTN site and is not. So below is the Metalink note from where you can download database. Remember you can directly download and install to your server if you dont have or

However if you already have or and want to upgrade to, then install into new oracle home. This is called out-of-place upgrade. From 11gR2 every patchset is out-of-place upgrade. If you install in existing oracle home, then installer will give you warning about this.
Some customer still want to upgrade to and want to install this in existing 11gR2 home. This is still possible(using-detachHome while running runInstaller).The reason for this case might be customer want to safe space on server etc.

As of now i.e. PSU1 is current PSU available on download location from MOS - Patchset Location For Grid Infrastructure And RDBMS. [ID 1362393.1]

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