Wednesday, 5 December 2012

ORA-7445: exception encountered

Oracle metalink provides detailed information on troubleshooting the errors. The Note 153788.1 - Troubleshoot an ORA-7445 Error

ORA 7445 : Resolution and working with Oracle Support

ORA 7445 error cannot just be eliminated by the oracle database administrator due to the complexity involved in resolving this error.

To reduce the amount of time taken by the Oracle Support team to reduce this error, dba should try to reproduce the situation and identify the SQL or Operation that can reproduce this error 

Open an ITAR with Oracle using metalink and Create an RDA of the Oracle database and update the TAR with the alert log, trace files and the core dumps that the error has generated

Review the following notes provided by oracle to successfully resolving an ORA 7445 error. Documents and Links mentioned below will require that you have access to Oracle Metalink

Metalink Note 153788.1 : ORA 7445 Search Tool
Metalink Note 164968.1 : What is an ORA 7445 Error

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