Monday, 14 March 2011

RMAN Error Tracing

=== ODM Action Plan ===

1.Please upload the alert.log of target database and the trace file associated to the ORA-600 ksfdabrtcre1 error.

2. Reproduce the issue with rman traces activated as follows:

2.1. Start RMAN in debug mode:
rman target debug trace=rman.trc log=rman.log

2.2 Activate sql traces
rman> set echo on;
rman> sql "alter system set max_dump_file_size=UNLIMITED";
rman> sql "alter session set events ''10046 trace name context forever, level 12''";

2.3 Run your RMAN script.

RMAN> backup backupset completed between 'sysdate-3' and 'sysdate-2' format '/mnt/OracleBackup/XXXXX_20110218_%U.frabak';

2.4. Please upload:
* The trace file in the of the TARGET database related to the 10046 trace
* The files rman.trc and rman.log

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