Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Order by Month

Sometime we stuck to get our desire output.So its good practice we kept such information where its easily available.
Good Luck.
SELECT TO_CHAR (TRUNC (dateordered, 'mm'), 'Month'),
MEDIAN (dateshipped - dateordered)
FROM orders
GROUP BY TRUNC (dateordered, 'mm')

ORDER BY TRUNC (dateordered, 'mm');

select a.id,a.name,TO_CHAR(trunc(ah.date_viewed,'mm'),'Mon-yyyy') "Month Downloaded",count(*) "No of times Viewed"
from articleviewhistory ah,article a
where ah.article_id = a.id
and ah.article_id in (1085,984,961,900,638,630,628,624,613,611)
group by a.id, a.name, trunc(ah.date_viewed,'mm')
order by 2,trunc(ah.date_viewed,'mm');

select to_char(day,'MON-YYYY'), sum(daily_growth_mb)
from db_growth
group by to_char(day,'MON-YYYY')
order by to_date(to_char(day,'MON-YYYY'),'MM-YYYY') desc;
or best one

select to_char(trunc(date_created,'MM'),'MON-YYYY'),count(*) from twitter
group by trunc(date_created,'MM')
order by trunc(date_created,'MM')

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