Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oracle EM 11g Grid Library



Hardware Requirements

Operating System Requirements --My Oracle Support note 412431.1

Package Requirements

Operating System Groups and Users Requirements

Unique Host Name and Static IP Address Requirements-- You must use only a static IP address. If you use a dynamic IP address, the installation will fail.

Temporary Directory Space Requirements--Ensure that you allocate 400 MB of space for a temporary directory where the executables can be copied. For example, /tmp on UNIX hosts andc:\Temp on Microsoft Windows hosts.

Central Inventory Requirements--Ensure that you allocate 100 MB of space for the central inventory directory.Also ensure that the central inventory directory is not on a shared file system.

If it is already on a shared file system, then switch over to a non-shared file system by following the instructions outlined in My Oracle Support note 1092645.1.

UMASK Value Requirements--Ensure that you set the default file mode creation mask (umask) to 022 in the shell startup file.

File Descriptor Requirements--Ensure that you set the file descriptor to a minimum of 4096.

To verify the current value set to the file descriptors, run the following command:

/bin/sh -c "ulimit -n"

If the current value is not 4096, then as a root user, update the /etc/security/limits.conf file with the following entries:

<UID> soft nofile 4096

<UID> hard nofile 4096

JDK Requirements--Ensure that you have SUN JDK 1.6_18 version installed on the host where you are planning to install Enterprise Manager Grid control. This is required for all UNIX 64 bit platforms and Microsoft Windows 64 bit platforms.

If you have a JDK installed, then verify its version by navigating to the <jdk>/bin directory and running the following command. The output of this query should give you the complete version number.

java -fullversion

You can also download the JDK from the following location, and you can also refer to My Oracle Support note 1063587.1 for an example on installing JDK 1.6_18 on Linux x86_64 platform.

Note: JROCKET is not supported.

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